A Motorsports Odyssey

Nestled in Wilsonville, OR, the World of Speed Museum stands as a unique motorsports haven, showcasing historic race cars, boats, and motorcycles that narrate the captivating story of motorsports culture. Boasting an enormous 144 ft long digital canvas comprised of 8 HD projectors, the museum sought to transform this space into an engaging platform.


Transforming the massive digital canvas into an immersive experience required a departure from the initial vision of a simple slideshow. Our aim was to captivate museum visitors with diverse content, celebrating the legacy of motorsports and enhancing their overall experience.

  • Elevate visitor engagement through the digital canvas
  • Celebrate motorsports history and culture
  • Create a dynamic and immersive museum experience

Telling the Motorsports Story

Understanding the museum’s mission and the unique technical aspects of the digital canvas, our approach combined creativity with technical savvy. We conceived a series of mixed video segments, including a tribute to the “100 Winners of Indy 500,” a “Celebration of Speed” clip show, and other engaging features like a racing trivia module.

an engine from the World of Speed museumbehind the scenes of video production at World of Speed
whiteboard with notes for the World of Speed video wall projectthe World of Speed video wall

To address the ultra-wide aspect ratio, our team crafted content and layouts that complemented the display’s dimensions. For the ‘100 Winners’ video, we innovated a spreadsheet-driven production process, allowing efficient management and integration of varied content, ensuring a seamless and visually striking presentation.


The digital canvas at World of Speed has become a focal point of visitor engagement, bringing the thrill and history of motorsports to life. The creative use of the ultra-wide display has enhanced the museum experience, attracting and educating visitors in new and exciting ways. The success of the “100 Winners of Indy 500” and other segments demonstrates the effectiveness of our innovative content strategy, solidifying the museum’s reputation as a premier destination for motorsport enthusiasts.

We wanted it to be an experience that people wouldn’t forget. They helped dissect all of that and came back to us with an incredible plan.
David Schaeffer of World of Speed museum

David Schaeffer

Executive Director


Content Strategy
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
Story Building


Digital Signage Development
Digital Signage Design
Motion Graphics


Script Writing
Audio Engineering
Asset Curation

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