Revitalizing Patient Care

Providence Heart Institute, a leader in cardiac care, embarked on an ambitious renovation and rebranding of their facility. Central to this transformation was the integration of a 4K video wall, aimed at inspiring and empowering patients during their recovery process.


Providence Heart Institute required innovative content for their 4K video wall to engage patients and aid in their recovery journey.

  • Develop engaging content to inspire and motivate recovering patients
  • Create diverse patient stories emphasizing resilience and hope
  • Improve recovery outcomes for Basecamp patients

Creating a Healing Digital Environment

Addressing the need for impactful patient engagement, we diverged from the initial proposal of a game-console-based exercise program, which we felt lacked the necessary appeal in a lobby setting. Instead, we focused on developing a video content strategy that resonated with themes of hope, connection, and inspiration.

the Providence Heart Institute Basecamp video walla woman practicing yoga in a studio, from the PHI Basecamp video wall project
a close-up of a pine branch and pinecone, from the PHI Basecamp video wall projectbean burger recipe from the PHI Basecamp video wall project

This included crafting patient stories that celebrated recovery and resilience, serene zen videos showcasing the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, and practical heart-healthy recipe videos. Our approach prioritized empathy and understanding of patients’ needs, aiming to create content that was not only visually appealing but also emotionally supportive and informative.

Sample Videos

Patient Stories

Zen Experiences

Heart-Healthy Recipes


The new video content significantly enhances the patient experience at Providence Heart Institute. The diverse stories and serene visuals on the 4K video wall offer patients a source of comfort and inspiration, contributing positively to their recovery process. This innovative approach to patient engagement through tailored digital content not only supports their physical healing but also nurtures their emotional well-being, reaffirming the institute's commitment to comprehensive and compassionate patient care.


User Research
Content Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Brand Alignment
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity


Digital Signage Development
Digital Signage Design
Motion Graphics


Script Writing
Audio Engineering

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