A Digital Evolution

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), a leader in healthcare and research, embarked on a transformative journey to unify and modernize its digital communication platforms, introducing OHSU NOW, a comprehensive solution for staff communication.


OHSU aimed to seamlessly transition staff to OHSU NOW, a new digital communication platform, while emphasizing its advanced features.

  • Advertise the change and its significance across the OHSU community
  • Assist researchers, doctors, faculty, and students in transitioning effortlessly to OHSU NOW
  • Exceed the adoption goal for the OHSU NOW mobile app

Multiple Creative Levers

Collaborating closely with the Communications department, we leveraged our expertise in video production, digital media, and print materials to craft engaging content. Through a strategic blend of informative videos and visually impactful print pieces, we aimed to communicate the benefits and functionalities of OHSU NOW.

Set of OHSU NOW posters
OHSU NOW poster
OHSU NOW promotional display table


The OHSU NOW Adoption Campaign catalyzed a significant shift in the institution's digital landscape. Notably, the mobile app adoption surpassed expectations by an impressive 48%, underscoring the tangible success of the campaign. Serenity played a pivotal role in propelling OHSU towards a successful digital future, marked by innovation, unity, and enhanced communication dynamics.


Content Strategy
Brand Development
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity


Web Design
Print Design


Motion Graphics
Video Production

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