Inspiring OHSU’s 2025 Vision

Oregon Health and Science University is a leading academic medical institution dedicated to healthcare, research, and education. With 16,000 employees and a commitment to excellence, OHSU plays a vital role in the community's well-being. As they looked ahead to 2025, OHSU sought to communicate their strategic goals and initiatives in a compelling way, fostering unity and collaboration among their vast network of stakeholders.


OHSU needed a motion graphics video that would serve as a rallying call, inspiring their employees to come together and embrace the institution's strategic direction. The result needed to capture the spirit of intense collaboration and reflect the input of thousands of stakeholders, and maintain viewers' attention while conveying complex ideas.

Project goals:

  • Engage employees through a 2-minute motion graphics video
  • Communicate the organization’s 2025 strategic goals effectively
  • Foster a sense of unity and collaboration among stakeholders

Collaborative Creation

Serenity collaborated closely with OHSU's communications department to understand the institution's vision and strategic objectives fully. We began by helping to edit the voice-over script provided by the OHSU team, ensuring it aligned with the desired message.

To develop a unique visual and motion style while honoring OHSU's brand standards, we conducted brainstorming sessions and sketched out various visual concepts. The selected concepts were transformed into a comprehensive storyboard, which we presented to the client.

video editing application showing a still from the projectdesigner viewing an array of design concepts on a computer

Throughout the experience design process, we remained committed to simplicity and boldness, focusing on creating easily understandable visual and animation metaphors that would illuminate the spoken statements.

A Winning Message


The OHSU 2025 Strategic Plan Video has been well-received in live presentations, prompting active discussions and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among the institution’s staff. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing how the video has inspired them to be more engaged and motivated in their roles. By delivering a powerful, visually engaging experience, Serenity has helped OHSU take a significant step forward in their journey towards a successful 2025 and beyond.


Content Strategy
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity


Motion Graphics
3D Animation


Script Editing
Audio Direction & Production
Music Direction

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