A Legacy of Support

For nearly 50 years, the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust has been a stalwart supporter of the Pacific Northwest nonprofit community. In 2018, as the Trust relocated its offices to a new building on the Vancouver Waterfront, they envisioned an innovative space that would not only house their operations but also serve as a testament to their commitment. The inclusion of video touchscreens in the waiting area presented an opportunity to create a captivating and illuminating experience for visitors.


The Trust engaged Serenity to develop their lobby screens, initially envisioning slideshows of grantee-related content. Our team had a more immersive experience in mind.

  • Create an interactive exploration of grantee stories
  • Concisely narrate the Trust's mission and impact
  • Introduce visitors to the founder, Jack Murdock, and his vision

Crafting Dynamic Narratives

Envisioning an interactive visitor experience, we embarked on a journey beyond conventional slideshows. With just two months available for development, our plan included three distinct touchscreen displays, each serving a unique narrative purpose. The Grantee Showcase was designed as an interactive journey through the Trust's widespread impact. About the Trust aimed to encapsulate the organizations essence and achievements, while The Jack Murdock Story provided a personal insight into the founder’s vision.

Grantee Showcase opening screen in the Murdock Trust Thoughtfulness Gallery

Grantee Showcase

celebrates featured Trust grant recipients with photos, stories, and data about each one.

About the Trust opening screen in the Murdock Trust Thoughtfulness Gallery

About the Trust

offers a varied array of content and information about the organization.

The Jack Murdock Story opening screen in the Murdock Trust Thoughtfulness Gallery

The Jack Murdock Story

pays tribute to the founder of the Trust, painting a picture of his life and his legacy.

A Digital Tapestry

Choosing Intuiface for its versatility and high-end output, we crafted an engaging and accessible digital environment. Each display invites visitors into different facets of the Trust's world: the extensive reach of their grantee network, the organizational story and values, and the legacy of Jack Murdock. These screens not only serve as informative platforms but also as engaging artworks that enrich the aesthetic and intellectual appeal of the Trust’s office space.

View the Thoughtfulness Gallery ›
Photo of the Murdock Trust Thoughtfulness GalleryPhoto of the Murdock Trust Thoughtfulness Gallery


The end result delighted the Trust team, achieving their vision of an engaging and informative gallery that seamlessly integrates with their new surroundings. Serenity’s strategic use of technology and thoughtful content curation has transformed waiting time into an opportunity for discovery and connection within the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust’s Thoughtfulness Gallery.

It is rare to have a partner hit a home run on their first “at bat.” They hit a walk-off grand slam in the proverbial bottom of the 9th in the final game of the world series for us.
Colby Reade

Colby Reade

Vice President / Strategy and Communications, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


Content Strategy
Visual Identity


User Interface/Experience Design
Digital Signage Development
Information Architecture


Asset Curation
Motion Graphics
Photo Editing

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