Ending Cancer as We Know It

The Knight Cancer Research Building at OHSU, established in 2018, is not just a hub for cancer research; its innovative design promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists, fostering an environment where diverse ideas and expertise converge to advance the pursuit of cancer cures.


OHSU sought to leverage a 52-foot video wall at the Knight Cancer Research Building as a dynamic medium to convey their mission and scientific endeavors.

  • Utilize the video wall to highlight the institute's collaborative spirit
  • Showcase groundbreaking cancer research and technological advancements
  • Create a visual narrative that honors researchers and their work
  • Develop versatile content templates for varied messaging throughout the year

Visualizing Science and Collaboration

Understanding the significance of the Knight Cancer Research Building’s mission, we delved into the intricacies of cancer research and the architectural essence of the facility. Our focus was to intertwine science, architecture, and the institute’s brand into the video wall’s content.

microscopy image from OHSUmicroscopy image from OHSU
production photo from the OHSU KCRB Discovery Wall projectstill from the OHSU KCRB Discovery Wall

Emphasizing elements like advanced microscopy and the building’s geometric design, we aimed to create a visual experience that not only informs but also inspires and honors the people behind the science. The Discovery Wall was envisioned as a digital canvas, telling stories of hope, discovery, and the relentless pursuit of cancer solutions.


The Discovery Wall has become a symbol of OHSU’s commitment to ending cancer, communicating the institute’s key messages and drawing attention to their pioneering work. The dynamic content fosters a deeper understanding of cancer research and spotlights the human element in scientific discovery, making the Knight Cancer Research Building not just a center of research, but a beacon of hope and innovation.


Content Strategy
Brand Alignment
Visual Identity


Digital Signage Development
Digital Signage Design
Motion Design


Film Production

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