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Pioneering AV Solutions in the Northwest

Specialists in audiovisual conferencing, control systems, and sound integration, Delta AV is recognized for leading the AV industry in the Pacific Northwest with its innovative solutions.


Delta AV needed to refine its brand messaging to mirror the technical sophistication of their services.

  • Establish a unified and clear brand message
  • Redesign the website to align with the new brand narrative
  • Develop content that distinctively positions Delta AV in the market
  • Enhance the online portrayal of Delta AV's unique problem-solving skills

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Story

We embarked on a journey to redefine Delta AV’s brand identity. Recognizing the diverse understanding of their services among employees, we introduced "Design, Build, Support" as a new tagline to encapsulate Delta AV’s core competencies. This tagline guided the redesign of their website, ensuring each page distinctly echoed this messaging.

Delta AV's Design, Build, and Support brand icons

Our team's strategy included a content revamp focused on case studies and videos, aiming to capture and showcase the innovative essence of Delta AV’s work, highlighting their problem-solving prowess in the AV industry.

A Reflection of Excellence

The transformation culminated in a revitalized website, encapsulating the essence of Delta AV. The new site not only visually engages but also clearly communicates their services, guided by the “Design, Build, Support” philosophy. Rich in content, the site features compelling case studies and informative videos.

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laptop showing a Delta AV case studycomputer and phone showing the Delta AV website


The rebranding and website overhaul significantly elevated Delta AV’s brand perception. The clarified messaging and enhanced digital presence led to a deeper market understanding of their unique services. The content strategy, particularly through case studies and videos, effectively showcased Delta AV’s innovative solutions, strengthening their position in the competitive AV industry.

Serenity Studios transformed our website from a disjointed mess into an elegant unified expression of our vision. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Jeremy Philips

Jeremy Philips

Executive VP of Operations, Delta AV


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