Redefining Higher Education

In a bold move to redefine higher education, UC Berkeley launched Discovery, an experimental education development group. Disrupting traditional norms, Discovery aimed to revolutionize college education with modern data, mindsets, and practices. Much like disruptors in the tech industry, Berkeley Discovery sought to provide students with a unique, enriching, and fulfilling educational experience.


Berkeley Discovery faced the task of effectively conveying their revolutionary vision for undergraduate education and rallying the educational community to their cause.

  • Illustrate the innovative framework of Berkeley Discovery
  • Engage students and faculty with a compelling narrative
  • Showcase testimonials of early adopters of the Discovery process
  • Position themselves as pioneers in educational reform

Reflecting Innovation

In crafting "FIAT LUX," we focused on storytelling that reflected Berkeley Discovery's innovative ethos. Utilizing existing university footage and student interviews, we constructed a narrative that highlighted the transformative power of their educational model.

Our design, integrating motion graphics, was not just about visual appeal but about making complex concepts engaging and accessible. This project was a blend of artistic interpretation and factual storytelling, symbolizing the potential of educational evolution.

still from video, lines overlaying a classroom photostill from video, student journey depiction

A Call to Action

This video juxtaposed traditional educational methodologies with the groundbreaking approach of the Discovery program. The use of motion graphics played a pivotal role, making complex ideas both accessible and captivating. The narrative, carefully woven, served not only to inform but also to inspire action and participation in this educational revolution.

“FIAT LUX” was not just a showcase of what education could be; it was a visual manifesto, a declaration of the potential for transformative change in the academic world.

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still from video, end sequencestill from video, end title, "FIAT LUX"


The video resonated with its target audience, sparking conversations and interest in Berkeley Discovery’s innovative approach to education. It served as a powerful tool in redefining the perception of higher education and highlighted the possibilities of change and improvement in the academic landscape. The feedback from students and faculty was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a growing excitement and acceptance of new educational paradigms.


Content Strategy
Brand Messaging
Story Building


Digital Asset Development
Motion Graphics
Web Design & Development


Script Writing
Video Production
Asset Curation

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