Redefining Higher Education

UC Berkeley’s Discovery Initiative is a groundbreaking effort to reshape the undergraduate experience by offering students more choice, hands-on learning, and opportunities for exploration. Rooted in the university’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity, the initiative aims to create engaged, purpose-driven journeys of discovery for all students. To effectively communicate the vision and garner support from stakeholders, Berkeley Discovery sought Serenity’s expertise to produce a compelling video that would highlight the initiative’s transformative goals and the positive impact on the student community.


Berkeley Discovery faced the formidable task of effectively conveying their transformative vision for undergraduate education and rallying the educational community, including students, faculty, and donors, to their cause. This required overcoming several significant challenges:

  • Visualizing Complex Concepts: Needed to communicate the initiative’s semi-theoretical framework clearly and simply through motion graphics.
  • Securing Buy-In: Critical to gain widespread support and significant fundraising efforts for continued development and implementation.
  • Developing a Clear Narrative: Convey broad stroke ideals and concepts without undermining the project’s credibility.
  • Showcasing Tangible Examples: Use student projects as pilots to illustrate the approach without limiting the initiative’s broader vision.
  • Balancing Progress and Future Needs: Demonstrate tangible progress while conveying the need for further development and funding.

Crafting “Fiat Lux”

‍In crafting “FIAT LUX,” we focused on creating a compelling narrative and utilizing dynamic motion graphics to convey Berkeley Discovery’s innovative vision.

  • Strategic Storytelling: We designed a narrative that intertwined the initiative’s goals with personal student stories, illustrating the impact of the Discovery approach on individual journeys.
  • Engaging Script: The script emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in education and highlighted the unique opportunities offered by Berkeley Discovery.
  • Simplifying Complex Concepts: Motion graphics visually explained the initiative’s framework, making it accessible and engaging.
  • Dynamic Visuals: The graphics were designed to captivate and inform, illustrating the pathways and possibilities enabled by the initiative.
still from video, lines overlaying a classroom photostill from video, student journey depiction


The video resonated with its target audience, sparking conversations and interest in Berkeley Discovery’s innovative approach to education. It served as a powerful tool in redefining the perception of higher education and highlighted the possibilities of change and improvement in the academic landscape. The feedback from students and faculty was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a growing excitement and acceptance of new educational paradigms.


Content Strategy
Brand Messaging
Story Building


Digital Asset Development
Motion Graphics
Web Design & Development


Script Writing
Video Production
Asset Curation

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